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The ball is starting to roll…

The ball is starting to roll…

Loads has happened and I’m very excited about it all;  indeed things are starting to move in the right direction, things are starting to happen!

Researched and contacted loads of accommodation.  First I am concentrating on the rural areas of Scotland and Wales, as for a biggish size group places are not that ready available. I have found some nice looking bunkhouses in Mid Wales with availability (just no hotels big enough on the route)and some good looking hotels in the Highlands and between Inverness and Edinburgh.

I am also trying to get something out of the ferry companies.

The sponsorship letters are going out next week and I am hoping to report you some money rolling in from sponsors next time. If you would know any businesses/organisation which you think would be interested I have attached the letter I am sending out, but please do not feel obliged, if it is not your thing there are plenty of other ways to be involved if you wish.

Also working on some media and have had some interest from local and regional TV , newspapers and magazines –  working on the national ones and will put up a link when it happens.  Made contact with the Wright Foundation ( who invited me to their conference and also put an article in their newsletter which reaches 12.000 professionals.

I met my MP Diana Johnson who was very keen and enthusiastic to help. She asked me to send a following up letter which she will forward to the Health Minister and we are hoping for a letter of support and maybe other things but will let you know if it happens. She also discusses issues with our local MPs and the new GP Commissioning lead for Hull.

The website also has changed appearance and content will develop continuously.  A downloadable poster will be available by the 27th.

On a personal note

I hope you had a great time enjoying the snow… such a treat.

How are you lot getting on with the training?

I had to stop l but bit as I pulled a muscle in my knee but I am on the mend now (I am doing a bit more running about at the moment). I `was ordered to do some low impact exercise like aqua aerobic … I never thought I would venture to that kind of depth. I always thought it looked just a bit too silly, women splashing about, but there I was enthusiastically making waves with all of my limbs and actually it wasn’t that bad. I am hoping to get back to running this weekend.

If you want to be involved organising/campaigning/lobbing you are more than welcome … but if is not your thing please do not worry for a minute. Honest!. So just stop reading here

There are couple of things which would be good

Practical stuff

Fundraising if you fancy some letter sending or have a good contacts please drop me a line and

I will send you the sponsorship letter.

If you know anybody who  might be interested in helping to run support for the riders during the ride please contact me.


If you would like to contact your local/regional/national media please contact me and can send you press releases and all sorts of supporting material.


The Ride aims to empower people to make a positive contribution to their own health through nutrition and active lifestyle. This not only improves their physical well-being but also improves their mental well-being, both of which we know have huge influence on quality of life and cancer outcomes. Leading by example, The Ride aims to inspire, and educate people living with cancer and also to influence changes in service provision in relation to diet and exercise.

So the more people know about the message the better particularly in the medical and political worlds. the more impact it can make. If you would like to write to medical (oncology centres/units, other departments) and/or to your MP and want some sample letters please contact me.

I am working on putting sample letters onto the website… that would make our lives easier… hopefully.