hilarious photo session

hilarious photo session

I woke up feeling much perkier than the last couple of days, so a run was on the cards. Interval training – I thought-will do (interval training – short burst of pushing it with recovery periods). Well it did me. My heartbeat was over the roof in about 2 lamp posts distance, even slow jogging in between was out of the question I resulted to walking and muttering under by breath about silly people who run. But apparently it does do the trick, I feel achier than after a 10 miles run.

Couple of days ago lovely Penny and Carl came to see us. Penny will be riding too : ). We ate vegan ratatouille, wild garlic soup and laughed a lot, such a lovely company …then we had a hilarious photo session directed by Carl … tremendous fun and more laughing. I just got the photos…

Had also great news from Mike, who will be joining The Ride for the Wales part of the adventure. The National Educational Trust has kindly donated £100 to The Ride.
Please check out his great web blog http://www.mikebakereducation.co.uk/beatingcancer/

I made some phone calls for sponsorship and had some discussion about the lobbying side of the website.

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  1. we had such a lovely day. The wild garlic soup from Danes Dyke was so good and our ratatouille was vastly improved by Chris’ home made bread, which I think could be turned into a new business! Carl loved our photoshoot. You are both such a delight to spend time with. It was funny seeing Lyn walking down Ella Street and hearing her ‘Penny, what are you doing on Ella Street cycling backwards!’x x x x

  2. We are planning to take lots of photos along the ride, but don’t let that put anyone off joining us… we want to make a short film from the ride and possibly an exhibition….that we would take back to the cities we visit on the ride. We’ve been told about some little cameras that we can put onto the bikes… anyone know how to get hold of a few of those?!

  3. Hi Pen, you can get helmet cameras and watch cameras as well as mini DV cameras which fit on the handlebars of a bike, although you’d need a mount for that. Check out this website: http://www.sport-cam.co.uk
    Lots of love, Toni x

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