Jazz up!… please…

Jazz up!… please…

Well it’s maybe not everybody’s problem but …I am a bit fed up with boring cycle clothes mainly ladies’ ones.  I am aware of the difficult and wobbly bridge between practicality and glamour but at least somebody should attempt to sashay across it. There are many sites devoted to urban cool biking which is fantastic; you can see how can you pedal in stilettoes , floaty dresses … great, love it, point taken, I do the same . But when it comes to cycling a bit longer than going to the shop or to the café to meet with friends, the options to feel a bit proud of what you are wearing run out in no minutes. There is a choice between Lycra in black and pink or red if you really fancy variations of shapeless or sticking to you for dear life. There have been some attempts, the latest is a total disaster, Henry Holland… what were you thinking… frumpy frumpy frumpy. Even the models look uncomfortable… not a good sign!


So if anybody sees some proudly wearable interesting looking items, please give me a shout.


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  1. You’re right, Reka, the spots aren’t good. Great for small folk but not stylish ladies like yourself! Maybe it’s about finding things that are great to cycle in but haven’t been marketed as cycle clothes – it’s not ideal, but you’re good at finding those things 🙂 The sites looking really good – think the daily blog’s great. xx

  2. they are the most terrible shirts I’ve ever seen in my life and can you imagine how easily the wind would get underneath them when you’re riding!! We coudl send out photos of them, saying we want the opposite!!
    Penny x x

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