Change of plans

Change of plans

I really should have gone for a run today. It should have been my longest one before the very silly far too long one … and so far I have been good (ish) at keeping to the plan. Thanks more to the fear, than the overwhelming enthusiasm. I was kind of up for it in a head clearing, muscle aching, questioning the word and humming along with the bit-too-familiar content of my playlist kind of way. But then the devilish phone call came and was humming a different song in my ear … and the resistance was futile … sunshine, bike and great company, oh yes I was in. My lovely friend Lisa’s and her fantastic dad Frank were out for a birthday bike ride and I was invited, so no question about it, I was going. Frank is great, 67 (Happy Birthday Frank!) on his rather shabby bike, which is not far from falling apart, his legs go like mad as his the gears are stuck in high. On the picture is an attempt to unstick it … did not work for long… come on Frank treat yourself to a nice one!

I have not been out for a longish bike ride for yonks’ as this running about taking up all my exercise time. Oh it was so good pushing along in the sunshine. I can’t wait to get the running out of the way and get back to the saddle.

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  1. one of these days it is going to hit me that I have offered to cycle part of this journey with you Reka and then I might just have to get on my bike and start training!! x

  2. Fashion was one of our main discussions today. I have realised I have to invest in cycle shorts and Reka has told me Lidl do cheap, good ones, so might just have to cycle down there to check them out… Reka’s going to start talking to some of the fashion sponsors from her last ride but if anyone out there is a close friend of Vivienne Westwood, will you tell her about us?!!

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