The last 3 weeks

The last 3 weeks

I am sorry haven’t been in touch the last 3 weeks has been a bit turbulent. I got a new CT result which was a bit dubious as there was a bit of a “dodgy” one in October it looks like it had been a slight progression in that time looking back all my result, but since than it is stable again. My husband, Chris decided to redo the kitchen as we got some cheap unit on ebay so i ending up project managing it all (and as we never follow bog standard stuff we ended up knocking 2 walls doing swirly worktop and breakfast bar supported by a real tree trunk). i just ran a marathon (the Hull marathon on the 8th of April) in just over 5 hours. and my sister quite unexpectedly offered me and my mum a ticket to Australia to visit her, I am going between two chemo sessions, flying this Saturday. So even by my standards it has been a bit windwhirly. Oh yes, and had my birthday in between. So the ride has suffered a bit; I haven’t been as proactive as before but things are ticking over and when I get back on the 29th I will fully refocus again. But things are ticking over and very excited about doing more cycling and a bit less running.

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  1. This site looks so great now Reka… I will start fund raising soon, especially now you can donate on line. It will make things much easier… the photos from Hilarious photo session are nice to see! Thinking about how to recruit riders, I have a teacher friend who wants to join us for a weekend…thought I may talk to people at the Maggie centres in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I will be at Penny Brohn from July 9th to 12th on their second course… then with a friend in Cardiff so perhaps can get another Wales rider. My brother Richard raised nearly 4000 pounds in less than 5 weeks, so I think we can do it!!!!
    Penny x x x x

  2. 9th May has seen a long ‘theride’ meeting between Reka and Penny, helped by Katie’s vegan, sugar free cake and really good coffee! We have both decided that whatever happens, the ride musn’t become stressful or worrying for anyone, including us, so the emphasis has to be on serious fun as well as a serious ride! Some potential riders have expressed worry about their fitness levels. It’s true that Reka has just done the Marathon and is about to do a 10k run this Sunday with her Consultant and her Oncologist, but I am a bike down the road with the occasional longer Sunday ride kind of person, who dreads looking ahead and seeing a hill of any kind and much prefers going down or at best a flat terrain! I will try to build up strength but have decided am not going to be stressed if I have to get into the van for the steep hills and cycle more on the flat and downhill, so please everyone can do it if I can!

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