10k with the lovely Mr Surgeon and Dr Oncologist

10k with the lovely Mr Surgeon and Dr Oncologist

I really do think, and lots of academic researchers do too, that physical exercise improves quality of life during and after treatment and I would like it if the medical world would give us tools such as exercise and diet when people ask what can they do to help themselves.
… so I am on a little mission to get people to notice

We are running! The lovely Mr Surgeon and Dr Oncologist and me and my ever so gorgeous friend Nicol are running the Beverley 10k. I kind of plotted and they kind of very kindly went along with it after a bit of a trickery. I first asked Dr Oncologist who said …no way, he had never run and he won’t and he would die if… (no no this is my line) … I had a feeling that he wouldn’t be that easy so I had a backup plan… Ok I said, but what about if … Mr Surgeon will come along … I got a tentative yes, in the expectation he wouldn’t be that daft to agree to such a nonsense. Well I had kind of done my research and knew lovely Mr Surgeon has done some running about before, so he might just do it. I asked and he agreed … I was prepared, reasoning, argument … but really did not need them; it was dead simple …he was just “yes ok we will do it”… with a smile. (Thank you, thank you)
So I was a bit giggly to see Dr Oncologist …It look like time had stopped with a look of shock and disbelief … with the realisation that he had got himself into, no previous running training, 10k running race ahead… in that point I am not sure if I managed to keep a straight face. But He is being brilliant and they have been training together since November … I am sure they are cursing me every now and again but I am sure they have a laugh too between puffing.

So wish us luck … I am hoping they won’t be whizzing past though …


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  1. gentle persuasion ‘for their own well being’ is very much allowed! Hope you all have a really fun time!

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