10 days to go – our final sponsorship push!!

10 days to go – our final sponsorship push!!

hello everyone. We are still short of our sponsorship target, although we have had amazing support in terms of cash, in kind, free rental of equipment, beds and accomodation subsidies etc but we still need more to cover our costs and to ensure that we can have a professionally edited documentary film and exhibition that we can distribute throughout oncology and cancer support centres. We believe so passionately in the importance of exercise during and after cancer treatment, for well being, for reduction in tumours, for prevention of re-occurrence that we want to advocate more exercise for everyone from cancer diagnosis, to during treatment, to post treatment support……. please help with whatever you can find if you dig very deep!!! We know it’s tough but every little will help us loads… thank you x x x

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  1. I think you guys are absolutely amazing and incredible….I wish the ride was coming to Cumbria. I would be jumping on my bike! But I will sponsor you instead and tell all my friends to sponsor you. What else can I do? I am so excited for you. It’s fantastic. Ruth xxxx

  2. thank you Ruth for supporting and being enthusiastic. Reka is amazing and incredible. I’m just trying not to think about how unprepared I am, whether my knees will give up before my hips or whether I will be able to get out of bed from the second morning onwards….it seemed like a good idea at the time! No, we’re just going to have lots of fun x

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