professional editing

professional editing

Toni and Marc have offered to edit any filming we do and make it look professional and able to be distributed! Hurray…. they are professional editor and producer (BBC) so that will be a massive help and very exciting! Are there any of our riders who don’t want to be filmed by the way? Mike, will all the Wales crew be happy to be filmed? Reka and I have already decided that wet and tired with red faces will probably be ‘our look’ for most of the film although we may insist on a post ride bit, in which we don’t have sweaty faces and bodies and even a bit of make up and a frock on!!

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  1. Yes, I’m sure we’ll all be happy (I will just double-check with the others, though). One is still at the BBC and I, of course, was 30 years as a correspondent with the Beeb, so advice available if needed.

    My training had a big setback as I’ve had a kidney infection for a while and have hardly been able to drag myself onto the bike for the past 3 weeks. But I’m feeling much better now, although my stamina is still very poor, and am determined to at least start each day.

    Underlining the importance of exercise to cancer patients, I have felt far worse – physically and mentally – during this period just because I couldn’t get out on the bike.

    Just hoping for some dry weather now.

  2. Mike

    Don’t worry at all…. my training has also been very sporadic and I still can’t get up hills!! The ride for all of us is about fun and sharing and companionship and all the good stuff.. so one mile a day or 80 miles a day.. it really isn’t going to matter. Carl is going to focus the story line for the film on Reka, so we’ll all just be the chorus and only need to be filmed on our bikes for moments, not all day! Really look forward to meeting you all. Fingers crossed for a bit of dry weather I agree.

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