bit of a laugh

bit of a laugh

I had the last chemotherapy session on Monday and am having another batch straight after I get home in 3 weeks time instead of my usual 2 weeks…  that feels good, a bit more breathing space… and don’t have to bear the smell of hospital … which I have found increasingly difficult, but hey, it does keep me ticking. I had a treat on Tuesday and went to have Reiki and Reflexology with gorgeous Val and as I was flicking between trying to empty my mind (falling asleep occasionally) and going on a killing spree and telling the nasties it is time to go … out of the blue it suddenly hit me,  the 1000 miles thing … a bit out of nowhere (which is a bit ridiculously silly as i have been breathing this ride for the last couple of months) … and started laughing my head off … thinking for the first time that it is a bit bonkers… and you know maybe it is. I haven’t really thought about it that way… I guess it is a 1000 miles in a chemotherapy sandwich … but I always think things will just work out … never-ending bloody optimism that’s me  … but hey it is working for me … usually.

But I am ready to roll around the country with lovely people and meet new ones and have some stories to tell… so here we go with a big grin on my face; it will be a hell of adventure!

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So see you tomorrow at John o Groats. Have a lovely day. I am sure I will.


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