Setting of hull to edinburgh

Setting of hull to edinburgh

The morning of Setting off with full of excitement, expectation and a fair share of empty mindedness in a bit of a manic la-la mode. I do the usual things, how predictable how utterly useless, running up and down looking for things … Which I  can live without and no importance what so ever my orange hair slide … Do I really need it?
My lovely people started to arrive to see the bonkers adventure begin. Carl is here so as John no we just need Penny. The bike carrier looks dodgy but it just done 4 bikes London and back so bound to be. (?) we pick Penny up and off we go north. After 2 hours we hit a small bump and things start to unravel the dodgy carrier passed the dodgy stage and entered the can’t carry on with this AND somehow penny s shiny new bike has wheel buckled. The clouds of darkness  hit us but plans were forming. Find a shop and just get the stuff so two towns and two shops later cheeriness and fresh air have found us again. Well just laughing in the face of adversity, we are quite good at that.
We are in Edinburg now just finished a enormous ball of past … Bring on the carbs…. planning for tomorrow
6 hours to John o groats and 60 miles on the bike so  I am going to sleep now, yes I better  

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  1. Today is a little crazy werid! Excited and scared. I realised that our plan today would relate to diving to Bristol. Then riding to Exeter? Still we are in good sprits and beautiful Scotland. Let’s see how we feel at the end of the day.

  2. blimey! Trouble in t’mill already and you’ve not even started proper. That’s the trouble with dodgy bike carriers – they’re dodgy. Am imagining you both now carefree and freewheeling back down the country starting on your amazing adventure – two stoic chaps. Bonne chance a tous – mes amies!!! Go gals. Sally xxx

  3. THinking about you guys lots – hope all is good in the land of lovely hills and haggis xx

  4. ‘Laughing in the face of adversity’ – I like it. Also loved the phrase ‘1000 miles in a chemo sandwich’. Hope you’ve had a good start and that the weather has been kind.
    I was out cycling with you in spirit today….only 27 miles through the lovely Culm Valley in Devon ….but my strength is starting to come back, so I’m looking forward to joining you all in Wales.
    Best wishes, Mike

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