day 4 – from Penny

day 4 – from Penny

Hello everyone….. so sorry not to have blogged before now. Its been a bit of a few days, as they say in Yorkshire! These early days of intensive cycling have taken it out of all of us I think, physically and mentally, but we’re fine and managing to support Réka as much as we can. I’m gradually increasing my distances, 42 miles on saturday and about 45 yesterday. I was ready to keep going but had a puncture at the bottom of the hill, 8 miles from home and in the pouring rain etc, brought the bike back to the b and b for fixing. John working on it, as i write. Réka carries on, sometimes with us, sometimes alone….. but always from start to finish. We have been through epic weather already, driving rain, gentle rain, sunshine, cold, warm; you name it, we’ve had it! We’ve already met all kinds of people…. warm, welcoming and kind…. and also the guest house manager who tutted when we asked for more toast and told me off for sitting down for breakfast without being told which table to sit on!! The seagull poo story was really funny and started us all off laughing. When it’s good, the sun is out and we are all cycling together, it’s really fantastic. When it’s pouring rain, uphill and your whole body aches, it’s really tough. But we’re happy to be here on this journey and beginning to work out what we’re doing this for. Yesterday, when we had stopped to talk to a man Réka had cycled with earlier in the day, his wife told us that after our conversation she was going to take up cycling and do the charity ride her husband was doing next year, so that felt good. We have seen red deer, forest sculpture, the most beautiful beaches you could imagine, cycled through pine forests where the smell is intense, especially after the rain, countryside of wild highland moors and greenness that goes on forever. Arrived at stop off points so hungry we couldn’t speak until we had eaten something, panicked if our water supply was getting low, all kind of firsts in terms of feelings. Réka and I have talked sometimes as we cycle, about life, cancer, happiness, humour, the wonder of our children, the kindness of our partners and families, the importance of friends… and then she’s sped off and I’ve been happy to see Carl drive up and realised that the 40 miles or so I’ve managed have already been a challenge. It’s great to have Carl and John here with us. John keeps our bikes in order, fixing and oiling and reminding us to fill up our water bottles, Carl is there for us all the time, photographing, filming, sorting the car out, picking us up when we just have to stop… thank you Carl for taking this time to be with me on this adventure…. we’re looking for a line for the film and the exhibition. I think this week is about gathering as much information as possible and I think the story line will follow. Réka is becoming very comfortable with the camera and her 5 minute talking to camera each morning. We keep thinking and talking about what will inspire people to keep going during cancer diagnosis and treatment with exercise and physically going forward when your body is trying to take you backwards and somewhere you don’t want to go. We want people to watch it and look at the images, read the text and think ‘I can do stuff too.’ So if anyone has ideas, this is the week to contact us! John has fixed my bike, hurray! Time to go soon. Thank you evryone again for generous and caring support in all kinds of ways. On Sunday, when it was pouring down and I was pushing my bike up a very steep hill, i thought of all your support and got right to the top. So you see, all those messages, as well as your generosity are not just an added bonus, they have been absolutely the difference between us being here and not been able to be here, between challenging ourselves and thinking I can’t do any more… Will try to blog again soon. Thank you all you lovely people x x x x x

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  1. Beautifully written and inspirational. Well done Penny, Reka and everyone else …. You’re the Bradley Wiggins of The Ride.

  2. Go go Go Fairy Godmother! We are all spurring you on, and so glad Carl is there to mind you and everyone. XXX

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