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  1. hello our dearest pals loving reading the blog penny it sounds about perfect wishing iwas with you amazing folk glen says hi reka he was a dude next year babe … love to all jon you are doing bristol proud man keep on pedalling yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi lovely cyclers, good to read your blog. Cant help wishing i was with you. Glen sent his love he screamed “leave” to us but we didnt. Reka, I needed a little pataky moment so put nail varnish on in the tent…not sure you would approve of the colour.. bit boring.Keep the words coming we love to read of your epic adventure and your inspiring intimate (nature inspired) moments.Owwww reka talking of which i so have to discuss with you about female urinals!!!! A festival first. Take care lovelys. xxxx Annabel

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