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  1. I want to see more pictures, share us you road trip!! it help me to travel from my laptop on my sofa-lillois!
    Keep biking, keep going…

  2. HELLO you wonderful cyclists. Brilliant achievement so far, in fact bloody brilliant….
    What an inspiration you are.
    Good Luck for the rest of the journey….lots of love xxxxxxx

  3. Following your progress with mouth open in awe, thinking of you often – you are achieving something very special, and sending out such an important message – invest in one of those padded gel-filled saddle covers!

  4. Rich, I am wearing 2 pairs of padded cycling shorts plus tracksuit bottoms plus padded gel seat cover!! Sudocream helps and aloe vera gel… but it still hurts! I’m just waiting for the morning it doesn’t hurt!!
    Reka is the star here… 70 to 80 miles daily. I’m averaging 45 to 50 but planning 60 plus if I possibly can. Carl is now the third rider, John had to leave… he managed 25 today, plus filming, interviewing and photographing!
    Lots of love Rich… Pen xxxxx

  5. Hi guys, hope it was a nice easy day today and you have had chance to rest alittle before tomorrows big up hill! I arrived home safely and have just put the boys to bed. I miss you all, and can not wait to see you in Wales on Sunday. You now have the spirt of the highlands to give you strength through the hardest miles, I will be drinking my highland sprit in a minute. Give Papa a kiss, thanks for the chance to fly down the mountains, Love Jon. (Leila, Ben & Fred send their love and think you are all super cool) xxx

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