Sunday from Dublin to Tremadogh

Sunday from Dublin to Tremadogh

Arrived in Dublin. Thank you to the Croke Park Hotel and to Pru and Toddy’s hosts too. Tony and his family. Réka, Carl and I talked a lot about the film and exhibition over late dinner. We always seem to be arriving when the kitchen is closing but somehow we always get dinner somewhere. Early start and met the others at the ferry terminal. Suddenly Carl realised in our rush and our extra full van, the vital suitcase with the computer was still in the hotel. Tony, who had already very kindly brought Pru and Toddy to the docks, dashed back to the hotel with Carl in his car and with 5 minutes to spare, they were back with the suitcase and we were on the Stena line crossing to Wales. Stena line gave us access to their v i p lounge and we had a lovely crossing. Had another fashion photo shoot with our Cath Kidson and Boden clothes, by the way all clothes will be available on ebay after the ride! We were up on deck in strong winds and Pru even modelled the gorgeous sequin shorts! It was a lovely half hour, all about friendship and fun and laughing!
Mike and Ian were waiting for us at the other end and after having communicated with Mike by mail and blog, it was lovely to finally meet him and Chrissie, his wife. Brian arrived just after us and we set off, this time as a group of 7 cyclists. Mike had planned the cycle route and we rode with them for about 30 miles before saying goodbye till tuesday. it was a very special few hours, stopping by the river for lunch and having moments to chat and get to know the group a little as we cycled. We had a wind against us but not too strong. Réka had a middle section cycle alone and then Toddy and I did the last stretch. Arrived to Réka’s family and friends and lots of pasta….. sleep, sleep…. all night long!

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  1. What a pity that you are becoming so wild… Carl is obliged to fight for a tomato, never sure to have a bed every day, and this cyclists’ pack that terrifies Belfast… That’ s great to read your messages every day.

  2. Hi Pen, am still following the Tour de Grande Bretagne from Menorca. Its a fabulous day here, just been swimming in the sea and Daniel has already spent all his holiday money on ice cream. Gorgeous hotel, right on the bay (Santa Galdanos. Back on 6th August – lets talk about Post Production!! Hope its all going ok and you´re not too exhausted. Lots of love, Toni xxx

  3. Hi Tone, have a wonderful holiday…; can’t wait to catch up when you’re back…. thank you for your support in every way… love you, Pen x x x

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