Hills, hills, more hills and mountains!

Hills, hills, more hills and mountains!

Started the day in the mountain hostel in Tremadogh…. Pru made a full Welsh breakfast. She is definitely picnic queen and makes sure we all eat and drink when we need to. Reka has her boys here now for a few days, so that’s really great. It was a long cycle yesterday and Réka finished alone at 10.15 p.m. We felt as though we were crossing the whole of Snowdonia. The mountains and valleys were amazing and the day was our first really warm and sunny ride. Late night curry thanks to Russ and then we all piled into a great bunk house. We will send links to all these places later….Today has been really special. Mike had planned a lovely route across the national cycle paths to Brecon. 46 miles about, so not a heavy mileage day but some killer hills at the end. Lisa was our yellow jersey for the morning and zoomed off. We all stopped for a late lunch by the river and the brave ones amongst us had a dip…. it felt warm compared to our Scottish waterfall! We weren’t rushing to cover mileage so the day felt very relaxed and we all had moments to chat as we cycled up and down. Réka and I said that we both felt a bit strange that we only had 4 days to go, the last 12 days have been such an extraordinary challenge and adventure. Thank you all for your comments and replies. We just haven’t quite got the energy to reply at the moment. It’s usually 10 at night by the time we get to a computer, so try to keep you up to date with our events and then fall into bed! We were all saying how deeply and soundly we were all sleeping…so if anyone has insomnia, have a few 10 hour bike rides! I’m sorry my blog entries sometimes read like an itinerary of our day. I have so many thoughts about this journey going through my head but feel I will need time to process many of them at the end of the ride. We have crossed many of our cities now; Inverness, Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin, Cardiff tomorrow and then just London remains on this journey. It was a very happy day today…

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  1. Hi Guys,

    well done – not long to go – Mammal Hum raised £60 for you – I’ll give it you when you get back. Plus if you need somewhere to stay in London my sister can put some up in Tottenham. 🙂

  2. Hey Pen

    Have sent an email, not sure how to let you know that we are thinking about you all the time and as the sun is shining here so we really hope its shining on you too. Not far to go now. You are all superstars!
    Lots of love Cherry xxxx

  3. Hi again, thinking about you all on this final leg. What an adventure you’ve had. Good luck on cycling into London. I’m sure it will be relief and emotion; an enormous achievement xxxx

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