I know, we’ve finished ‘the ride!’

I know, we’ve finished ‘the ride!’

It’s already a strange transition to be on terra firma so thought I would just post a little blog detailing adjustment policy! Today it was a 6 mile ride with Rio, my 6 year old grandson, across the harbour from Bridlington up to Sewerby Cliffs. He’s just learnt to ride without stabilisers and as we left, him on his bike with new helmet, on a ‘massive ride’ in his words. The biggest challenge was to persuade him to look ahead whilst he was cycling and less at people at the side and behind him. It was my first real cycling responsibility as somehow I’d just assumed all the adults I’d cycled with would take responsibility for me?! We had a slight crisis when he realised I had a water bottle on my bike and he didn’t, so I had to make frequent stops so that he could drink out of my water bottle, particularly when there was any kind of incline! There was a quiet companionship in cycling together at a very leisurely speed and it was so nice to feel his sense of achievement when he arrived. He lay down for 5 minutes then suddenly found the energy to play rugby, football and practice gymnastics with my brother for the next 2 hours… It’s quite hard to come down from the routine we had over the last 16 days…. Carl took in downloaded material to Castle Hill for Reka and Chris to look through during her mega chemo day on Monday. He filmed too, her consultation and chemo… somehow it felt that yesterday was really the last day of the ride… and today is the first day of processing  as we begin to try to decide how to work with all the material we have gathered…. how to keep the sense of well being I have now? I have to make a decision soon about whether to have more surgery to remove tiny tumours remaining or to go for more chemo option when the remaining tumours make a more substantial appearance… at the moment am thinking no surgery and more biking, vegan diet etc over the next few months so that they may not even make an appearance but will disappear of their own accord… I was supposed to see the surgeon on Monday but have postponed until 20th August, when I’ll also see one of the research doctors to find out if I can be part of a trial of a new drug to be added to exemestene, which is supposed to delay re-occurence. But meanwhile, am going to enjoy the summer…. Edinburgh next week for a few festival days, then Arles for the photography festival and the South of France to see Carl’s family… hopefully a few rides inbetween!! We will take the bikes… of course…The Lancet medical journal is talking about the importance of sustained and intense exercise re cancer…. yes!

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  1. I have a smile on my face as I read this. I have just had my own little grandson to stay; he’s not yet old enough to ride a bike but he will, one day…I’ll make sure of that. Keep cycling, Penny, I just sense that it is having such an enormous effect on your well being…such a positive attitude to exercise is so important.
    Lots of love xxxxxx

  2. Thrilled that the Lancet Medical Journal is going to talk about excercise re cancer! Great news! Woohoo! I keep saying it and I’m saying it again. I am SO proud of you Penny. LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Hey Penny, hard decisions I don’t know how you stay so calm and kind. See you tonight for photos and nostalgia stories, pru xx

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