preparation …. on holiday

preparation …. on holiday

We are in Hungary at my parents and all’s well, getting over the long drive by lounging around in the garden and going to the local lido. Yesterday I went to the last day of the Sziget Fest, the biggest music / art festival in Budapest, with my cousin. It is such a great venue –  an island on the Danube . It was great, we saw loads of great music from contemporary French sanzon (chanson?)to Franz Ferdinanad through Balkan Folk music, but the best for me was undoubtedly a young modern Hungarian circus company’s performance which I absolutely loved … I still have a bit of a regret not having run away with a circus!

I went with my bike, but it was a bit of a curse in the end as I had to conquer the steepest hill you have ever seen … And the bottom of it at two am in the morning  didn’t look really funny, not even the hedge of hilariousness… i kind of new what was ahead of me. I pushed and panted a lot. I  had also forgotten to take proper lights and the public lighting was a bit “gappy” there soooo… after a good 20 minutes hard pushing and sweating and getting scared of my own shadow at the top of the steepest hill in history I got back on the bike on the dark road with a small torch in my hand, still feeling the bubbly (I hardly ever drink so my head was hurting) and muttering to all divinity who can hear me to not to fly off my bike because of the potholes or simply missing the road … Luckily for me I did it with such a grace (yehh right)

I still feel the bubbly … Such a lightweight! 

I am conquering the hills again tomorrow  to see if my rusty steed and I will manage a corner or even a lamp post more on the steepest hill in history.I will let you know … I am so glad The Ride starts in East Anglia …


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