Hull to Paris and around ‘la ville de Paris’ by night!

Hull to Paris and around ‘la ville de Paris’ by night!

I’ve just realised that we haven’t really told you what ‘theride2013’ involves! No, not around UK cities this time and the bits inbetween but this year we will cycle from Hull down to cross the channel at Newhaven, then from Dieppe to Paris, where we will join ‘Nightriders’ around Paris by night…. so  the last 100 k of this year’s ride will be with hundreds of other people around Paris ! We’re not sure just yet how many of us there will be,  or for how long some people can join the 2013 ride… but all will be worked out within the next few weeks…

Again, we want to make sure that any of our friends who want to join us to raise money aren’t prevented from doing so by lack of funds, which is why we’re shamelessly asking for accomodation and even the odd dinner! Funding, is for editing and post production of the film of last year’s epic ride, so that we can have it as broadcast quality, so that people will take it seriously and even distribute it.

Our aim as lasat year is to say to people that we are in no way elite athletes or even very serious amateur cyclists… we do these rides and all the little ones in between, because Reka and I both passionately believe that sustained exercise, like cycling, is helping us to keep well.

It’s keeping our immune system strong and our mental state (to be argued by some close to us!) balanced, strong and positive… through the film and the exhibition and the rides, we just want to say to other people having cancer treatment ‘give it a go, it just might help!’ Reka and I have been dealing with cancer in our lives for years rather than months and this is one of the ways we not just cope but have brilliant and amazing quality of lives!

So hope that explains a bit… we’ll start on Friday 13th September (but of course friday 13th!!) and the Paris night bit will be on 21st September..

Reka and I want to do a ride next Spring for young people in the middle of cancer treatments, so we’ll keep you informed but for now… any help lovely friends and sponsors….will get us to Paris!!

Penny xxxxx

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