Blimey…. Yes only a couple of days to go and all I have done in the last couple is bashing the computer to start to smooth out the last little bits … but it meant I haven’t moved seriously for ages which is doesn’t bode well when I’m just about to embark on a rather long bike ride… well it kind of happened last year too and I did suffer the first couple of days… last least I know what is coming. Everybody is really excited though, so the adrenalin will carry us for a while and then I have ordered a backwind and then I have to think of something …  harnessing horses … catching a lift from a unicorn?

We got together a couple of our friends and did a little photo shoot with all the lovely clothes we were given from our very generous sponsors. Jen is working on them at the moment and hopefully will be ready by Thursday so I can put them up just before we go.

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