If you just joined in …. Hi !

If you just joined in …. Hi !

Last year we set a bit of a tall order and a rather long distance … 1000 miles (ish) to be precise … on our bikes through the 5 capitals of the Isles; and although it was a giggle, a great way to see the sights and undoubtedly we ended up with perter bottoms. Whilst that was a perk, the real issue is about that having cancer and 2 weekly chemo treatment, is not a barrel of laughs, but we all have to play our cards as best we can.

Keeping active and gaining control back over our bodies and minds is our way of keeping our heads above the water and trying not to end up as a sob story.

This is the story; this is what The Ride is about.

And now we are embarking on a new challenge ratatata!….. the world first Hull to Paris cycle ride!!!!

All 5 of us are affected in some shape or form and 2 of us have a face to face relationship at the moment (yes it is damn ugly!).

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