Last night …

Last night …


Last night… manically packing … 3 dresses…  crochet bag … paper and drawing pen … who am I kidding … mind you, our support vehicle is a little camper van, maybe I can take the kitchen sink then. I did pack some sensible stuff too, like mascara.

Will set off at 10 with a little posse in tow who we say goodbye to at the Humber bridge. The route tomorrow seems ok although one of the longest ones, so it will be a little shock to the system but we have flapjack so I am sure things will work out just fine.

I had a look at the BBC weather and it looks a bit … well, promising the first autumn storm for Sunday with an A rated wind warning coming from the West and heavy rain …. The only problem here is the wind and the rain and the direction … well we just have to see

I am starting to not make sense, better if I go to sleep …. I will try to report tomorrow night.

Take care


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