Setting off

Setting off

I am knacked and was shivering only an hour ago when we rolled in to Boston after our first day which was sliiiiighly longer than we thought … 85ish

… but there is big grin on my face … today was really lovely

The setting of was really quite special… loads of lovely friends turned up some with bikes some with chocolate… and 10am (ish)  11 of us set off, most of  them said goodbye at the humber bridge some kept going over the river and beyond with us. The sun was out and the hills were gentle (well most  the time). The route was very well signposted and only got lost once when the route went off road and we found ourselves in middle of the field. After Market Rasen the weather got drizzlier but the road got staight and flat. We had an absolutely gorgeous ride next to the river …cormorans  and swans

The last couple of miles seemed for ever and very dark  and just before Boston when we were really really wet and well ready for a hot cuppa and a shower … Annabel’s brand new tyre burst. So we have our jobs cut out for tomorrrow morning.

But now we are just chilling with windswept faces, lightly achy legs and a bit fuzzy head

… sorry i am a bit tired to funny or clever … will try harder

Thanks for the White Hart to putting up with us.



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