End of the cycle route

End of the cycle route

Thank you to Francoise and Serge at St Martin l’hortier……the hotel was beautiful and your warmth and It was wonderful cycling on the route… and then it stopped ‘temporarily!’ So, we did what we thought was the right direction and 2 hours later, there we were about 5 kilometers away! But there were lots of brambles and a few hills. We met a lovely girl in stripes and spots and alternative cycling gear with panniers full of camping gear..she was Polish but lived in Brighton and she was going to a vintage bike festival in Italy! we stopped to eat lunch and met another cyclist called Rakesh who was going to Paris. Amazingly, he was a cancer surgeon and specialized in colo-rectal cancer and knew Reka’s surgeon! Incredible coincidence! So 5 of us shared lunch, Rakesh bought us fruit tarts….and we put the flowers that Chris had sent to Reka for their wedding anniversary…on our table in the village square…. We plan to bring out the anniversary flowers for all our picnics… Thank you Chris for Reka’s flowers, which you were clever enough to send to the hotel to arrive on time and which we are all enjoying!…..we chickens have arrived Jemilla, your Mum was well impressed with your message in French and we all get very emotional when we get messages from our families…. Thank you for commenting and keeping us going everyone!……lots of love x x x x

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  1. I think you are all amazing.I just wish you would do a cycle ride in school holidays so I could come too.Maybe the next challenge should be Moshi to Zanzibar.Have fun the last few days you inspirational ladies with lots of love from Antonellaxx

  2. Sounds like your having a fantastic journey and meeting some great people along the way. Hope your taking plenty of pickys , great to read all the positive blogs. Sounds like your legs n pert butts are holding up fine. Keep it up


  3. Hello, hello! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted before!”! The week has run away with me. You’re all doing wonderfully and what a fantastic experience!!! Enjoy France! Reka, treat yourself to pastry 🙂 xxxxx

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