In Normandy!

In Normandy!

Here we are on the ‘avenue verte’ well on the way to Paris..quick 2 day catch up..lots of rain and wind for the last UK days and hills too…Monday was finally finished at Joe and Barbara’s house… Our 7 p.m. arrival had finally become 10 p.m. But they couldn’t have been more welcoming and had loads of dinner waiting for us…hot showers and comfy beds, all so gorgeous when you’re wet and stiff. In the morning we set off refreshed and happy so thank you to Joe and Barbara…loads! The route from there to Brighton was very pretty along the North Downs way and through Christ’s hospital… It was all cycle path the first part but it rained and it rained and it rained! I went off to my sisters with cycling clothes to wash and dry and we all met up at the hotel ‘guest and the city’ in Brighton. Massive thank you to Mardi and Dan, who have also been touched by a personal cancer story. They offered us free rooms, lovely breakfast, brought our bikes in out of the rain, and just couldn’t have been kinder. If anyone is ever going to stay in Brighton, go and stay there. you’ll love it… We will do our trip adviser pages when we come back but for now…they get about a 120 out of 10! We had dinner at ‘terre a terre, a beautiful vegetarian restaurant, which could have been intimidatingly smart but their staff were so lovely they made us all feel not only relaxed but as though they had been looking forward to seeing us, which really is the mark of a special restaurant. I’m aware that this blog is becoming a bit of a thank you page, but we just seem to have met the nicest people this week. We set off to bike the 10 miles from Brighton to Newhaven to catch the ferry along the cliffs… Gentle hills, clear skies, grey sea… Perfect! Ferry wasn’t too rough, although Reka did go a bit green for a moment! We found our way out of Dieppe and were rewarded with the start of l’avenue verte..45 miles of uninterrupted cycling paths along a disused railway line…flat, smooth… Time to look up and see Norman water mills, wooden houses… Early sunsets… And…. Will fill you in tonight on the rest….. X

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  1. sounds wonderful…and good to be reminded how generous people are. 45 miles of cycle track a very tempting prospect love to all

  2. Hi Pen,
    we’re reading your blog avidly and glad to hear you’re on your way to Paris. Sounds tough going in the rain but good to know you’ve got solid East Yorkshire back up! It was lovely to meet the team and please send my very best wishes to everyone, what an amazing group of people they all are. Looking forward to seeing some photos of you all and thanks for making such a huge effort at the end of each very tiring day. Take care and speak to you soon. Lots of love, Toni xx

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