Join us

You can join the ride

  • Do the whole hog
  • Or through one country only (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales, England
  • On a Day ride
  • Or a Short ride through/to a capital (There will be short rides through each of the capitals)

We will cycle between 60 and 100 miles a day except when we reach the capitals stages. These will be considerably shorter to suit different abilities.

For the whole hog and the county ride past and present cancer patients only as many things will be given in kind,and places are limited we have to reservce these spaces. For the day ride and city rides all riders are very welcome.

If you have any questions please drop us a line.

Sponsor us

We are trying to get the ride sponsored so the participants do not have to pay for joining the ride.

We would welcome any donations.

In kind

  • Accommodation on the route
  • Food for the ride (from meals for the riders to homemade cakes on the way)
  • Bike stuff
  • Organisational support


  • All the money will be used to finance the ride

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  1. The National Education Trust – Britain’s foremost education ‘do-tank’ – is donating £100 towards The Ride in recognition of the involvement of its trustee, Mike Baker, who will be joining The Ride through Wales. Good luck to everyone.

  2. I don’t know you Reka but if you are anything like my friend Penny, you are an inspiration to us all who moan just because it is raining. I say’Go Girls.’
    Padded shorts and Aloe Vera are the key to successful cycling along with lots of chat!Jen, my sister in law and I will try and join you along the route.

  3. Thank you very much for the generous donation and for all the kind words it is really lovely of you.
    Yes savlon is my good friend defiantly for the first couple of days…
    I can’t wait I am sure is going to be a good laugh.
    Thanks again

  4. Antonella is such a superstar.. I will tell you, Reka the story of our stars! What about her doing it instead of me??!! She would be so much better as she’s miles fitter than me, runs like you and climbs mountains! I will go into school and pretend to be her as Head teacher, just not go out of her office but be on the phone consistently and send lots of emails, with my head down. We would tell certain staff who would cover for us..mmmnnn will give it more thought!

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