If you are interested in joining the venture please write us an email.

You can do bits of the journey or the whole hog.

We welcome all past and present cancer patients and people affected by cancer.

Join us

You can join the ride

  • Do the whole hog
  • On a Day ride
  • Or a Short ride anywhere on the route

We will cycle between 60 and 100 miles in an easy pace… we are not racers just people who are like biking.

If you have any questions please drop us a line.

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  1. This looks like fun.
    A friend has passed me this website.
    Although I am not on the British Isles or Ireland, I am in the Netherlands, but from Belgium.
    I had breast cancer last year and still undergoing treatment.
    But I’m cycling.
    not much and not as good as the dutch but I am. Bought just an e-bile last week. It might sound cheating but there is a lot of wind overhere.
    So What’s going on on the continent?
    and have fun

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