Hull to Paris 13/09/2013 – 23/09/2013

Day1     Fri 13/09       Hull                                Boston

Day2    Sat 14/09  Boston                              Bedfor/d

Day3   Sun 1509      Bedford                         Oxford

Day4  Mon 1609       Oxford                          Giudford

Day5 Tues 17/09    Guilford                          Brighton

Day6 Wed 18/09  Bristol  – Newhaven –      Dieppe-

Day7 Thur 19/09 Dieppe                             Forges Les Eaux

Day8 Fri  20/09    Forges Les Eaux             Paris

Day9  Sat   21/22 /09                                   Paris Nightride



The 5 Capital Ride through the British Isles – 13/07/2012 – 28/07/2012

Day0      Fri     13/07     Hull                                    John O Groats

Day1       Sat   14/07     John O Groats                      Tongue

Day2       Sun. 15/07     Tongue                                Inverness

Day3       Mon. 16/07     Inverness                              Newtonmore

Day4       Tue.  17/07     Newtonmore                        Edinburgh

Day6       Wed. 18/07     Edinburgh                            Troon

Day 7      Thurs.19/07    Troon                                  Belfast

Day8       Fri. 20/07      Belfast                                    Ardee

Day 9      Sat. 21/07     Ardee                                    Dublin

Day 10    Sun. 22/07    Dublin / Holyhead                Porthmerion

Day11     Mon. 23/07   Porthmerion                         Llanidloes

Day12     Tue.24/07     Llanidloes                            Brecon

Day13     Wed.25/07     Brecon                                 Cardiff

Day14     Thu.26/07     Cardiff                                  Devizes

Day15     Fri.  27/07     Devizes                                 Windsor

Day16     Sat. 28/07     Windsor                                London


Please note it might change a bit depending on the accommodation

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  1. So, we have the time off booked and are checking train times to get up to Troon. Looking like a definate already! How exciting. Hoping Toddy can take a few more and we’ll come down to Cardiff as well. Oh yeah! xx love Pru xx

  2. Hello Pru
    Just to say that Carl will be with us for Troon so happy to have one of you with him in the car if you are bringing one bike…. I may be with you too up some of the bigger hills and then hop out to go back down again! It’s exciting now, isn’t it! Penny x

  3. Good luck everyone, big hug to you Penny and wonderful news about the new baby! Loads of love, Toni, Marc and Daniel xxx

  4. Hello my lovelies. I hope the first day went well and you got there before the dark (more importantly, the midges) began to close in on you. As Confucious probably really said, the journey of a thousand miles starts with confusion, chaos and a small disaster.

  5. Good luck everyone, may the sunshine for all of you & Pru, Gaz said he hope your not riding your chopper ( or did he say shopper? ) =) x

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