I was born 1stof April 1974 in Budapest, Hungary (I know, please do not tell me any bad jokes about this. I have heard it all before – Although if you think you have the best ever I might just listen to it). My mum and dad and many of my beautiful friends still live there. My sister, Rita, lives a couple of streets down from me and we are really close (she is beautiful, warm hearted and with a gregarious laugh).

I met my lovely Chris in 1996 and we married in 1999. He is great, a good laugh and has a much more pleasant manner than I ever had or will. We have a house full of boys, my stepson who is 20 and has got away to Sheffield where he is at Uni, our 9 year old, the solemn, sensitive, passionate and extremely generous one, and our little 5 years old, away with the fairies, la-la boy.

We have an open house with gorgeous friends whooshing in and out, a close knit circle who are very supportive.

My degrees and work all relate to people and how can we make living next to each other better.

I have done competitive sport more or less from age 6 till 16 (fencing) and kept up some sort of routine with more or less enthusiasm. In recent years I have taken to running and cycling. In 2011 completed a sprint triathlon and 500 miles cycle ride (which I recoreded on www.girlwiththebutton.blogspot.com)so I think I am pretty fit.

Diet is good, very good….  juice unimaginable vegetables, wholegrain, fruit, loads of water …

I like to think I am straightforward and uncomplicated. I like straight talk but not the merciless emotionless type. I don’t want to be talked down to, and get twitchy about being patronised. I am upbeat, positive and balanced but of course I wobble time to time. I am determined (Chris would say stubborn) and giving up is not an option. I still think I am more or less invincible.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in November 2010 at the age of 36.  I have had surgery and I am currently having active chemotherapy treatment and will be for a good while. Otherwise, I am very well thank you very much.

Oh yes, and any encouragement is greatly received.  Thanks a lot.






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  1. I just wanted to say on this blog that Reka and I met in the chemotherapy unit of Castle Hill Hospital. Not the most auspicious place to start a friendship. Her lovely friend Pru had got all her craft stuff out and her and Reka were having fun, whilst waiting to get hooked up for our drugs! Carl wanted to join in, they said of course and by the end of our chemo treatments we had all become friends!Then I met lovely Chris, Reka’s husband and the boys and of course I said yes to the ride, she is impossible to say no to and Carl and I were both inspired and passionate about the reason to take part. We are part of all this because of Reka’s passion and commitment and belief. I hope the little film we will make will do justice to her positive, wonderful, inspiring being and we’re doing it for her and Chris and their gorgeous boys.. off we go and thank you Reka x x x x x x

  2. Good luck as you begin your ride – many thoughts and love
    reach out to you – loads of positive memories of a unique
    inspiring, brave, positive and uncomplaining warrior –
    To raise understanding of benefit of physical exercise a great
    gift to those in need of increase in oxygen intake as healing tool.. Also endorphin rise to help biff depression and as if that
    was not e-nuff physical exercise studies show is as effective as anti depressant or trad. psychotherapy.. well done penny and reka axx Look forward to welcoming you here at Richmond on 27th
    there will be another 3 cups of water in the soup!!xxx

  3. Hi guys, I’ve updated your fan base with your progress so far….Day one! Blog eagerly awaited!;0) how exciting… love Pru xx

  4. Rika,I’m Pru’s cousin from Catalunya, I just think you’re incredible!!! I send you all mylove and support. Alex.

  5. Hey,
    Seth told me, very solemnly, today that the rain is clouds crying.
    I hope the clouds are happy for you and the sun is shining (but not too much) as you set off on your cycling adventure.
    have fun – and watch for chafing!!

  6. what an adventure, thank you for showing the world that cancer is a word, not a sentance. Good luck, go girl! x

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