Please become a partner in The Ride and support us

If you donate

£5         Energy bar and drinks for 2 for one day

  £10          Sandwiches for 4 for one day

  £25          Bed and Breakfast for one rider for one day

  £30          Petrol for our support car for a day

  £50          Set of tyres for a bike

£100          Ferry Crossing for our support car


We are making a short documentary film and exhibition about the ride for health and education purposes. As a sponsor you will be acknowledged on our friends’ panel in the exhibition and on credits at the end of the film.

Having cancer is really really expensive. We have had to give up work temporarily and suddenly are faced with new costs. We are riding voluntary as we passionately believe in doing the ride people know about the importance of exercise and good nutrition to quality of life if you are treated for cancer and beyond.

Even a small donation would make all the difference.

Thank you

The Ride is a grassroots movement focused on changing perceptions and awareness about people who are active and fit but happen to have to live with cancer; which has already raised a lot of interest around the country. (BBC, National and Local press and media, online sites and blogs.)

We are individuals, all living with cancer diagnosis and treatments or have recovered. We have chosen to cycle throughout the British Isles for 14 intensive days in July 2012, supported by other day and week riders, also living with cancer. The ride will be fun, challenging, exciting and important and we’d like you to consider becoming one of our key partners on this journey!

The ride is asking you to join us by sponsoring the ride in one of the following ways: financial support, media and whatever way you feel you and your company can join us on this exciting journey. We have had lots of media interest so far and we will of course acknowledge your partnership in all our public relations including chats with the press, radio, online and local television.  

A core number of  people will make the whole ride and many more will join us for individual days. It will show that we have real quality of life despite undergoing treatment for cancer.  We understand now that cancer is only part of our lives not all of it and we aim to highlight the importance of services for people who would like to keep active and/or make lifestyle changes in the course of dealing with cancer to maintain quality of life.

At the moment there is little information available to encourage lifestyle changes after cancer diagnosis. There is a huge body of academic evidence that suggests eating and exercising regularly speeds recovery and improves quality of life during treatment and also significantly reduces the possibility of recurrence.

On my own cancer journey I found it surprising that up to date information on healthy eating options and exercise were not part of initial support and guidance. I had also hoped for specific advice for my particular diagnosis in relation to diet and exercise.  I found other patients encountered the same stumbling blocks  and between us we felt the need to try to make this support and some resources available ….. SO The Ride was born.

The Ride aims to empower people to make a positive contribution to their own health through nutrition and active lifestyle. This not only improves their physical well-being but also improves their mental well-being, both of which we know have huge influence on quality of life and cancer outcomes. Leading by example, The Ride aims to inspire, and educate people living with cancer and also to influence changes in service provision in relation to diet and exercise.

1 in 3 people develop cancer at some point in their lifetime in the UK.  This effectively means there is rarely anyone who does not have a personal connection with cancer through friends or family.

The ride has already captured the attention of press and media and the new website is growing in popularity. The website is documenting the ‘The Ride’ and will have leads and blogs for the attention of the media. We will of course document and publicise your engagement with the ride in the build up, during and afterwards.

We would warmly welcome you as a partner on the ride.  For more information about any aspect of the ride, please don’t hesitate to call me on 01482 443217.



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  1. Reka – so impressed! I just listened to your Radio Humberside interview. Very sorry to hear your news, and immensely impressed with all of this. Hope it is not raining on you _continuously_ and that you get at least some sunny views! Wow. You’re amazing. Big love. Hannah (Lewis)

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